Monday, November 06, 2006

Oops - no, we didn't stop renovating!

No, we're still here, still working on the house. We just haven't blogged for a while.

Got a whole bunch of catch up to do, since the dining room was finished, then we added a bunch of furniture (and a fancy new TV) to the living room, and now the dining room is full of boxes and old living room furniture. So the dining room is full of crap, although we did get the walls and trim painted and it looks very nice.

The spare room was organized, then my parents showed up with a single bed for it (thanks, mom & dad!), and between the sudden reduction in space and rearranging the living room, the spare room is now in total shambles again and needs to be organized. But the living room looks fabulous!

And the basement has been painted, the carpet pulled out and replaced with peel & stick tiles, and the stairs painted. The trim needs to be painted and the stairs need another coat of paint. But the real problem is there's a water leak in one corner that needs to be fixed, and that meant taking down some of the paneling, plus there are a whole bunch of boxes that need to go into storage. Also some broken glass. And a pile of Christmas presents for the baby. So it's a total wreck. And since most of the stuff that was in the living room is moving down there, we can't get the dining room cleared out until the basement is finished.

In minor projects, we painted the ugly vanity in the half bath. Now it's not aggressively offensive anymore, just kind of there. I want to paint that bathroom (since at the moment the colour is a kind of flesh-coloured peach, which, EWWWW. And I think the trim is blue. It's not horrible, but it's not nice.).

Other things to do: replace the ventilation fan in the bathroom. This has been an ongoing project for, oh, 3 months now. Also we have a couple of light fixtures that are nicer than the ones in the baby's room and the spare room, and I just haven't gotten around to swapping them.

And the linen closet is a massive disaster.

And we have to find someone who wants our old sofa and is willing to get it out of here so we can bring in the couch we are taking from my inlaws, which is a much nicer piece of furniture.

Oh god, it's all just TOO MUCH!

I'll put up some pictures later today. Maybe.