Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Kitchen

So, here's a reminder of the cupboard I bought from the town:

Now, given the relative tinyness of my kitchen, I needed more storage space. Note all the nice empty space above the cupboard. So, when I saw these pieces of wood in the garage, left by the previous owner, I got an idea:

I cut them down to the length I needed and painted them with the same paint I used on the cabinets:

And now, I have more storage space! Also you can see the almost completed cabinet:

And here, my completed kitchen, which I LOVE:

There is now a roman shade on the kitchen window, and the table has been removed from the kitchen to leave an open space, since I'm still not sure exactly what I want to do there. Eventually I'd like to replace the top on the cabinet under the shelving so that it extends out on at least one side so someone could sit there and use the top of the cabinet as a table. I originally wasn't overly fond of the pots hanging over the sink, but they've grown on me, and they're very convenient and let me get more stuff in the cabinets.

Next step, painting the basement (that would be S's little project - paint was purchased today!) and the dining room. I'm still debating on colours for the dining room, but will probably go with a neutral taupe of some sort. It has to go with the yellow of the kitchen since there's one shared wall that will be half yellow, half whatever colour I paint the dining room. I'll probably try and find a piece of molding or something to put over the paint line and help visually divide the two spaces. Also I want to get some molding to put around the edges of the shelves I added in the kitchen since the wood is pressboard and the edges are pretty rough.

Oh, and most of the trim in the kitchen is still blue or unpainted, and I need to paint it white. But that involves taking the blinds off of the sliding door, and so far I haven't felt like doing it.

But the kitchen is basically done and it's pretty and it's functional and I'm happy, happy, happy!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Progress, YAY!

I'm feeling a bit less like we'll never, ever get unpacked, and a little more hopeful that soon we won't be dodging boxes and assorted debris wherever we go in the house.

Mostly because we managed, thanks to putting in a new closet system, to get the master bedroom organized.


Scary! Ahhhhhhhh!

New closet organizer. Ohhhhhhh, spiffy!

And now the room is (mostly) clean. There's a few things that need to be dealt with on the dressers. Also I'm too lazy to stage it all properly for the photos.

I also picked up the cabinet I won from a town auction (Hi Marie!):

Just a teaser - you'll see in the next entry what I'm doing with it! Let's just say the cabinet plus some other ideas are going to dramatically increase the storage space in my kitchen...