Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Buried in boxes

Unforgiveable, the lack of posting, really.

But there's just so much to do! I really don't understand how all the stuff we had crammed in the apartment has somehow expanded to completely fill a house twice the size. Is there a law of physics that governs moving? Stuff always expands to fill the space available, something like that?

The kitchen is close to being done. One side is finished, the other is about 60% done. I'm hoping to get it complete tomorrow, but there's a fair amount of painting to do.

Here's what the original kitchen looked like:

And here's what the cabinets look like painted with new hardware:

I'm so happy with how it's turning out - nicer than I really could have imagined. The only issue is the lack of space, but I have some ideas for additional storage that may work out...

We're going to replace the crappy closet system in our room with a decent rod and shelf system. The existing one is terrible - you basically have to hang things up one item at a time, and it's very annoying. The room is a total disaster because we haven't had a chance to put up any additional shelving yet either, so there's nowhere to put any of the 8 zillion t-shirts we own (why do we have so many t-shirts??).

The basement is a disaster area, but we did find someone to take the chest freezer away, so hopefully once we have unimpeded access to our crawl space we can stuff all the crap into storage and forget about it. And the spare room needs work too. AUGH.

Monday, July 17, 2006

We've moved!

And we've moved.

And there's SO MUCH TO DO.

Photos to come...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Two rooms DONE!

And the master bedroom is done, done done!

Well, except for the threshold, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet, and it can wait.

A few photos of laying the floor:

After putting the closet doors back up and installing and painting the quarter round:

So, that's satisfying. Next up is working on the kitchen and cleaning the carpets. The goal is to get half of the cupboards done before we move in on Saturday so we have somewhere to store things, and it looks like we'll do it. Here are the cabinets with the doors off and two coats of the new paint on:

Here's what I faced in preparing them - horrible shelf paper, ewwwwwww. It peeled right off, thank goodness, but left a bit of a sticky mess behind.

Most of the cabinets and doors have only had one coat of paint (the ones above were my test cabinets to see how they'd look), so there's lots more painting to do. The doors need some work too, since there are holes that need to be filled on the lower doors so the new handles will fit properly and the holes won't show.

And the paint is oil based, so it's stinky and clean up is a pain. But it looks really good once it's dried, so it's worth the effort!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

One room down...

...and the rest of the house still to go. One more room to do before we can move in!

Finished the baby's room:

It turns out reinstalling the closet doors was about a thousand times easier than taking them down, so YAY! I only cut myself once doing it (I am pretty much covered from head to foot in bruises and cuts from moving boxes and splinters and who knows what else).

When I installed the laminate, I took the dire warnings about leaving an adequate expansion gap a little TOO seriously, so had to get a little fancy with the molding around the floor - I couldn't just use quarter round because it wouldn't cover all the gaps, so they wound up a bit more complicated (I had to use an extra piece of wood behind the quarter round). I think they look pretty darn good, despite the fact that my ability to use a miter box certainly needs work (a few of the joints are not that great).

Technically, it's not 100% complete - I need to get a router to make some cutouts to go around the molding in the transition piece that goes under the door. Eh, that can wait.

Next step, finishing the master bedroom:

The greyish strip along the wall is floor levelling compound. Hopefully I won't need to do another application and I'll be able to start laying the floor on Saturday. If it does need more leveller, the floor can't be installed until Sunday to ensure the levelling compound is fully cured.

The trim and the door have been primed, but not painted the final colour. That's the last thing that needs to happen before the flooring going in!

So, looking forward - get the flooring laid, re-hang the closet doors, paint and install the trim (this time I'm painting the damn trim FIRST). Then we can move in!

What'll be the next project? The kitchen. I'm going to buy the paint tomorrow...

See? Ugly. Also there's this to be dealt with, currently living in our dining room:

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fun with flooring

I laid the laminate in the baby's room today. It was both easier and harder than I was expecting, and I made a few rookie mistakes that I will learn from when I tackle the master bedroom. Overall, I think it looks pretty good.

Here's the baby's room after priming - note the lovely carpet. I can't imagine why we decided to take it out!

We took down the ugly sliding closet doors so we could lay the laminate. I am DREADING putting them back up.

Here's the flooring (and you can see the new wall and trim colours):

Finally, I started installing the quarter round to hide the expansion gaps:

And then I got tired, so the quarter round is only about half done. After that's in, it needs to be painted, the closet doors have to go back up (SHUDDER), and then it's ready!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

We're in!!!!!

Boy, has it been an intense couple of days. And while we've gotten a lot more done than we thought we would, there's still a looooooooong way to go.

So far, we've stripped this wallpaper border off in the master bedroom:

We also primed and put on the first coat of paint. It's a sage-y green. The trim will be white. So most of the painting in this room is still left to do.

We've also done a lot of work in the baby's room. We've primed, put on two coats of a light lavender paint, and done one coat on the trim. S also ripped out all the carpet and nailboards, pulled out the staples, and moved 6 (HEAVY) boxes of laminate into the room to acclimate so we can start laying the floor on Tuesday. We've run into an issue where the floor is NOT level, but I'm fairly certain it's because the subfloor was nailed down, and we can fix the problem by adding screws in between the nails (which should also fix the squeakiness). And there were two seperate trips to Home Depot this morning, resulting in one very tired and cranky baby.

Tonight, when the baby goes to bed, I'll go put a second coat of paint on the trim in the baby's room and touch up a few places. I'll also try and get at least part of the second coat of paint on the master bedroom before I keel over from exhaustion. I'll also try and take some photos and upload them if I can manage to hold the camera steady!

Edit: Here's the master with two coats of paint and the carpet ripped out:

Again, the floor isn't level, and on this one we'll have to use floor leveller since the drop is pretty dramatic against the wall you can see on the righthand side of the photo. The rest of it seems OK, so it shouldn't be too big a problem.